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Rece B

I wanted to wait until all was said and done before I wrote my review.

I had the best experience at Max Bridal! I had been to several bridal boutiques looking for a wedding gown to no avail. Max Bridal is where I finally said YES! to the dress.

I finally found a few dresses online that I was interested in trying on and to my surprise, Max Bridal was a store that had all of them. It was probably 3am when I went to their website to gather information about their location and hours and to my surprise I was able to actually schedule an appointment online! There was an availability the following day so I scheduled.

When I arrived, I was greeted and immediately saw Amy the sales person who sold my sister her wedding gown in 2015 at a totally different store. She was so patient and so kind then, so it was great to see her again. It felt like I was reunited with family.

Celia was the person who I worked with and she was amazing! I can tell she genuinely enjoys her job. She wasn't put off by the fact that I had been looking for so long. She also didn't try to rush me into buying anything and make me feel like my time was running out. She took time to understand what I was looking for and what I didn't like based on my past experiences. She was very professional and very kind during the whole experience, even when I returned for my fitting.

My dress arrived to the store within the timeframe that they said it would, so I was very pleased with that. There's just something about people keeping their word.

Francoise is the seamstress who altered my dress and she did an AMAZING job. She's very fast and efficient. My alterations were complete within a few days. She's also VERY knowledgeable about her craft and can be trusted. Such a pleasure to work with.

My overall experience was excellent. I would highly recommend Max Bridal to anyone looking for a wedding gown.

Sasha F

Steph C